Q: What are the advantages of a digital headshot session?

There are many advantages to a digital session, including the ability to view your photos during your session. This makes it easier for us to achieve the look you want. We are not tied down to the traditional “three rolls of film”, and can take as many shots as we need.

We can also edit as we shoot. This leaves you with only the shots you love, and guarantees your satisfaction with the session. In addition, you no longer have to wait weeks for your final images. These can even be done on the same day.

Q: Is digital as good as traditional film?

Digital has improved unbelievably over the years, and it is virtually impossible to see a difference between digital and film. One is not better than the other, simply a different way to capture the image.

Q: What about color?

Another advantage to digital is that everything is photographed in color. This allows you to reproduce any picture in color or B&W, what a huge advantage over film.

Q: Can I have my photos retouched?

Yes, we will go over your images together and discuss what, if anything, needs to be done by digital retouching. All the retouching is done in my studio and then approved by you.

Q: Who should I go to for my reproductions?

‘Reproductions’ on 40th street. The headshots that you choose to print are burned to a CD–you have the option of taking the CD to their lab yourself, or I can send them the file directly via the web if you are not able to go to the lab.

Q: Which is better, studio or natural light?

I like to use both, and my studio is perfect for either type of light. The major difference is the “feel” each lighting creates and the effect it has on the subject’s eyes.

(Please know that depending on the weather, natural light may not be the best choice for your session)

Q: How long will my session be?

I allow three hours for each session, including hair and makeup. Since men don’t need the time for makeup, their sessions are usually closer to two hours.

Q: Do I really need a hair and makeup artist?

I highly encourage you to use my wonderful hair and makeup artist Camille. We have been working together, with terrific results, for the past seven years. Camille stays for your whole session, making sure you always look your best.

Q: How do I prepare for a session?

I’ll give you an example of a “worst case scenario”: Actor starves himself the week before the session…and shows up too hungry to smile. Actor also turns up with his clothes stuffed into a massive trash bag, then empties the contents onto the floor in a wrinkled mess and asks if I know how to iron. Very same actor has decided to get a haircut the day before his session–the haircut looks awful, so the actor proceeds to get drunk and stay out all night. (I know this because the bags under his eyes are bigger than the trash bags he’s arrived with!)

Therefore, leading up to your session I advise: a healthy lifestyle with plenty of rest, clothes ready and ironed the day before the session (or sooner if they need to be dry-cleaned), make no drastic changes to your appearance close to your session date (hair cut, tanning, etc)

Finally: don’t stress. Headshots should be fun–and I’ll do everything possible to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as I can.

Q: What should I wear?

Clothing tips…

  • Wear darker colors: red, blue, green, black
  • Black is fine for legit TV and film but not for a commercial shot.
  • Stay away from mid-tones: light blue, pink, light grey, yellow–they photograph the same color as light skin. These colors may work well on darker skin.
  • No stripes or prints.
  • Texture is recommended.
  • Layers are recommended–white works well under something but not by itself.
  • Neckline options include v-necks, tank tops, crew necks, collared shirts, sweaters, sports coats, casual outdoor jackets, dresses
  • Turtlenecks are not recommended–many agents dislike them
  • Men: Dave will do light makeup and powdering
  • Women: wear a comfortable bottom (jeans, leggings…shorts are not recommended)– you’ll be moving around the studio
  • No jewelry or makeup needed
  • Come with your face clean and your hair fixed how you usually wear for auditions
  • Bring as many options as possible
  • Have your clothes pressed and ready when you arrive
  • Feel free to bring your CD’s of choice!